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Experience fast-paced action-packed 3-dimensional combat with your own custom built remote controlled battle vehicles in spectacular SCI-FI arenas. Give it a chance: Try the Demo and see if you want to support this early access!

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Who is making this game?

We are six friends who started out developing tools and assets for game developers. While it’s very nice to see our assets being used in successful games (among them: The Forest, Green Hell), we only chose this career because we have one thing in common: Our childhood dream was to make games and so we figured, why not invest our earnings and reputation as tool developers and start making our own games... And that's how Five Studios interactive was founded.

The Team

Why are we making this game?

Because we believe there is a big audience of creative gamers and we have a lot of experience creating tools and editors that are fun to use. Our growing community can amplify what we can create and make a game that’s much bigger in scope than what we could ever achieve alone. We see a big niche in games that combine creativity and destruction. We also find it very interesting to experiment with scale and different movement modes, that’s why we try to give players the ability to create vehicles that range between tiny and huge, and are extremely maneuverable. Here are a few impressions, mostly user created drones:

Why Early Access?

We know that games created with community feedback from the get-go are simply better. Also, our private funds are not infinite and we can cover development costs by offering the game while it’s work in progress. On top of that we are running a crowdfunding campaign for those in our community who can afford spending more to support development.

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